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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
-- Nanomix and UCLA Sign Exclusive Licensing Agreement [more]

-- UCLA Materials Scientists Invent High-speed Digital Memory Device Using Commodity Plastics Transformed by Nanotechnology [more]

-- UCLA Neuroscientist Gains Insights Into Human Brain From Study of Marine Snail [more]

-- UCLA Brain Researchers Uncover New Clues to SIDS [more]

-- UCLA Claims First Silicon Laser - Researchers at UCLA have demonstrated the first silicon laser, which could lead to more effective biochemical detection, secure communications and defense against heat-seeking missiles.
[more] [more]

-- UCLA professors develop stratospheric space observatory for infrared light [more]

-- New Compound Overcomes Resistance to Gleevec [more]

-- Nobel Prize Winner Didn't Disclose His Herbalife Contract [more]

-- [A Closer Look] Researchers say ‘Killer T-Cells’ one answer in combatting AIDS; Addition of telomerase proteins may strengthen body’s immune system [more]

-- Neurological research explores politics [more]

-- Symposium reveals future of cancer - Distinguished panel presents progress of preventative medicines [more]

-- Line forms for Prop. 71 money [more]

-- The real promise of stem cells [more]